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Drive with confidence for less with MATSUMOTM Automotive parts

MATSUMOTM engine and automotive parts are manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to specified standards to deliver exceptional value for money, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Our range of quality Engine Gaskets, Seals, Timing Kits, Pulleys, Tensioners and Fuel System Parts have all been developed to offer drivers an economical and trusted alternative when shopping for new replacement parts.

Stringent manufacturing processes and comprehensive warranties mean that you can drive with confidence for a lot less with MATSUMOTM.

Matsumo Equivalent to OEM parts specifications
Equivalent to OEM parts specifications
Matsumo Australian designed and owned
Australian designed and owned

A Range of Engine Parts engineered to keep you on the road for less.

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MATSUMOTM automotive parts are supported by a range of warranties

MATSUMOTM understands that both value and reliability are paramount to our customers. That's why our extensive range of quality automotive parts are supported by comprehensive manufacturing and/or product lifespan warranties.

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Built-in Reliability and Value

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Engineered for Value & Reliability

Manufactured in OEM Factories

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Suitable for most
Vehicle Types

Suitable for most Cars and 4X4s 

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Comprehensive Warranties

3 years & 2 years / 50,000km*

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Wide Range of Parts

Engine, Fuel, Timing & Braking

Where can you buy MATSUMOTM parts?

MATSUMOTM automotive Parts are currently exclusively available at


For general enquiries

If you any questions or queries relating to the MATSUMOTM Automotive Parts Range please contact Sales

Distributed by ISW Trading Pty Ltd. 41 Yarraman Place Virginia, 4014 Qld, Australia.

*ISW Trading Pty Ltd warrants its products (MATSUMOTM) for a limited period of 2 years/50,000km (first occurence) for Automotive/mechanical Parts and Seals, and 3 years for Gaskets. Warranties subject to change.

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MATSUMOTM parts reviews, what our customers think.

1173 Reviews
Robert M
Verified Buyer: yes
Fitted straight in no alterations needed
Posted 16 hours ago
Dale H
Verified Buyer: yes
Haven't fitted yet but all parts look good quality.
Posted 3 days ago
Jon S
Verified Buyer: yes
Fit great at great prices
Posted 4 days ago
Ali J
Verified Buyer: yes
Matsumo supply high quality parts, always relay on Matsumo critical parts like timing kits , installed lots of them in our workshop.. never had a issue with any of them , I had difficulty getting the parts on time to our workshop, I know OAP do the best they can to deliver without delay. Hope OAP open another depo to supply south east of Brisbane, that will increase my daily orders. Cheers
Posted 4 days ago
Chris F
Verified Buyer: yes
You have two water pumps available & you chose to put the cheapest pump in the kit , I’ve deducted 1 star for that stingy little move , come on guys when someone buys a complete kit you should at least put some better quality gear in it when it’s available … especially a water pump.
Posted 5 days ago